Dear and beloved daughters,

Dear ol’ Dad has started a blog (whooeee!), to you my beloved daughters, of thoughts and reflections on this journey we call our Christian faith. Words of wisdom, if you will, on what’s pingin’ around in my brain on this system of thought called Christianity.  What is it we believe, why do we believe it, and what practical difference does it make in the real world of  ‘life’? Is it pie in the sky ‘faith’, (too much of our heads in the clouds to be of little practical use), or is it grounded in what’s really there, the world outside our minds, the real world of people, places, and things? I hope to show you, discuss with you (for I very much wish to hear your thoughts), why Christianity is the only system of thought capable of answering all the questions.

No other system, whether it be religious or philosophical, can adequately and completely explain the nature of man, the existence of what’s out there, or how man knows what he knows, except the Judeo-Christian system. Not to say that these other religious or philosophical systems haven’t tried, but none, yes, that’s right, none, can answer the most pressing questions of man’s existence the way Christianity answers them. It is the Judeo-Christian system of thought, and only the Judeo-Christian system of thought that has these answers, and that can answer them to what’s there.  My posts might be daily, semiweekly, or weekly, so come back often and read these luv notes from Dad, and if you think they might be helpful to your friends and acquaintances, then pass them along.

If you’ve got some good ideas on how to improve the format of this blog, different themes, pictures, or have topics you wish to see me address, then you know me, and I’m just learning how to do this thing called blogging, so give me some tips and help your dear ol’ Dad 🙂

Adios y vaya con Dios mis hijas,


Dear ol’ Dad


2 thoughts on “Beginnings”

  1. Can you do some research and blog about the differences in Protestants and Catholics? And biblical evidence to support your stance as a Protestant? Play devils advocate too and defend from a Catholics point of view. 🙂

    1. Sure. I may do a few posts on this topic. It’s an important one. In other words, historically, what was the impetus for this wholesale change in thinking by key numbers of individuals; why they thought that Roman Catholicism had gone off the rails, and in what key areas.

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