Why do I believe in God?

Dear hijas,

Why do I believe in God? Because God has spoken.

He is there and He is not Silent’ is the title of one of my favorite books by Christian philosopher Francis A. Schaeffer. Because God has spoken, he is not silent, and has revealed himself and made himself known in many independent ways. What are those ways? God has revealed Himself in:

1) Creation

The magnitude of the universe. Read Psalms 19: 1-6 and see the ongoing testimony the psalmist (David) describes to the created order.  The universe daily pours forth speech and daily reveals knowledge. This speech is not voiced, there are no words, (how can an inanimate thing speak?, does it have vocal cords?), yet in the mind of man who does speak, who can conceptualize, the universe is a powerful testimony to God’s existence. The heavens are like a tent for the sun, which like a bridegroom at a wedding comes out of his dressing room all decked out ready to meet his new bride. It rejoices like a triathelete, poised at the starting line, confident in his strength to run the course. There is an ongoing testimony to the beauty of the universe’s order that shouts the existence of God.

2) Conscience

The universal sense of right and wrong in every individual. This sense of ‘ought’ and ‘ought not’ that each of us has. Guilt. Where does it come from? Paul says in Romans 2:14 that it is instinctual, that each of us instinctively do the things of the Law (the moral law of God) because we have this Law (moral law, right and wrong) written on our hearts (Rom. 2:14-15).  He earlier (Rom. 1:19-20) had said that failure to seek God because of this instinctual knowledge of right and wrong makes us morally culpable before Him. In other words, no one will have an excuse for why they didn’t seek after God because of this moral law written on their hearts.

3) the Canon

God’s communication to His creatures.  See 2 Tim. 3:16-17. The Scriptures. They are self-attesting and self-authenticating. See 2 Pet. 1: 20-21. Over 1500 years of authorship (Genesis to Revelation) with 40 authors all speaking to one theme: God’s reconciliation with man. God’s testimony is there for us to read.  One of the great themes to come out of the Protestant Reformation was the push and right to read the Scriptures for ourselves. No longer were they just to be handled and read by the clergy, but the common man had the right to read them for himself. These Scriptures speak of powerful testimony to who He is and what He has to do with us.

God’s written revelation in Scripture then points to His personal revelation in Jesus Christ.

4) the person of Jesus Christ

God has spoken in human flesh. His incarnation was the promise given to Eve way back in Gen. 3:15. Read John 1:14. Jesus dwelt among us and there were witnesses to his glory. There were witnesses to his death and resurrection. He claimed to be God. He backed up this claim by rising from the dead. God has spoken to us in His Son. Read Heb. 1:1-4. See how some of the people in Jesus’ day missed this very important point in John 5:39.

5) Conversion

Conversion is a turning to God in repentance and faith. It is the work of God in directly securing our salvation, and all through His grace, not something that we did for ourselves. See Eph. 2: 4-5, and 2:8-9. God Himself has worked in our lives, exercising grace in our salvation. It is He who has opened our hearts to believe (2 Cor. 4:6). It then is this conversion in the lives of those converted who give powerful testimony of God’s existence.

Think of these five points as the 5 C’s of belief in God’s existence: creation, conscience, Canon, Christ, conversion. Not exhaustive of explanations of testimony for God’s existence, but very useful starters.

As always, I remain,

Dear ol’ Dad

Adios y vaya con Dios mis hijas


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