Les Misérables – Incredible!

Mis hijas,
Even though Dear ol’ Dad is getting hard of hearing, and I could only follow about 30-40% of what was being sung, I thought this review by Bob Mattes of ‘Reformed Musings’ sums up my sentiments exactly.

With love,
Dear ol’ Dad

Reformed Musings

I saw the new release of Les Misérables yesterday. Two words – see it! The cast, music, and direction all combined to hit this one out of the park. I’ll try to write this without spoilers for those unfamiliar with the various outcomes in the story.


I saw Les Misérables on the stage some years back, and it was excellently done. The film felt very much like a live stage production. The cast sang live during the filming, adding a realism, emotion, and power to the production missing in most movie musicals. This made an amazing difference in my opinion.

Anne Hathaway sang like an angel, with Samantha Barks close behind. Their singing captured the pathos of the characters and situations beautifully and naturally in the course of their acting. Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe showed incredible range and talent well beyond that required for most movies these days…

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3 thoughts on “Les Misérables – Incredible!”

  1. Hi Dad, Too bac you couldn’t watch the rest. You have to when it comes out on DVD. It was so good! So many biblical themes. You missed the best parts! So glad I saw the movie.

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