Why is Something There Rather than Nothing being There?

Dear hijas,

The famous existentialist philosopher Jean Paul Sartre has said, ‘The basic philosophical question is that something is there rather than that nothing is there’.

What he is stating is that in terms of philosophy one has to start by being able to explain why things exist in their present form and complexity; why they exist at all, rather than just nothingness. We’re talking about the ‘big’ questions of life here. Sartre’s question is, why do stars, trees, people, butterflies, whales, sharks, and stingrays even exist? Why is the cosmos and the things on earth the way they are rather than simply nothing at all?

What I hope to do in these next series of posts is to compare and contrast the three main areas of philosophical questions and the Christian answers. For the questions are the same in both philosophy and any religious system you wish to discuss. They’re broken down into three main areas of metaphysics, epistemology, and morality or ethics. The questions are the same, but the answers one gives, depending on the system, are different. I hope to show that the Christian system of thought is the only system able to answer those questions to what is there, to what is objectively real, and every ‘other’ system leaves holes, sometimes huge holes, in the way they answer the questions.

We’ll see that no one is ‘without excuse’ (Rom. 1:20) for not knowing about God and then following that knowledge to ‘belief’ and ‘reverence’ in God, and to acknowledge Him as the Creator of all that is.

With love, I remain,

Dear ol’ Dad

Vaya con Dios mis hijas


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