Predestination and Free Will: Preliminary Questions

Question Mark Contemplative

Dear hijas,

As we begin our journey through time; through councils and synods and creeds and confessions of our historic Christian faith and our Judeo-Christian system of thought, think hard about your answers to these related questions:

1) How is a fallen, fallible, and finite sinner redeemed before an infinite, just, and holy God?

2) How does one escape the judgment of God?

3) Who gets the glory in the process of redeeming man from his sins and pardoning him from the judgment those sins deserve?

4) How does fallen man come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ?

These questions are related, but I’m asking that you jot your answers down on a piece of paper which shows that you have contemplated them and have put a little effort into thinking through your answer. Jot any Scripture references that come to mind in thinking about your answer. Think about the five Sola’s that we discussed earlier.

We’ll come back to these questions in future posts, but it is important to keep these questions in the forefront of our minds, for these are not new questions that only we in the 21st century have sought answers for concerning our subject of free will and predestination. We’ll see that our learned forefathers in the faith who came before us, have analyzed, scrutinized, and dissected these very same issues. Their discussions and answers will benefit us immensely.

As always, I remain,

Dear ol’ Dad

Vaya con Dios mis hijas!


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