The Rise of the Apemen: Support for Evolution?

ape to man

Dear hijas,

People are fascinated by the story of their origins. We want to know where we came from, how we got to be who we are. On the one hand is the evolution myth, that humans find their origin in an unidentified apelike creature that lived millions of years ago and this from tracing a lineage back to a single-celled organism that allegedly lived billions of years ago. On the other hand is the Creator God Himself, who has revealed to us in propositional form (the Scriptures) that He created everything that exists, out of nothing (ex nihilo), including man, and that man was made in the very image of God. This propositional revelation tells us that we are not apes who have evolved over time, but a special creation of the Creator, the altogether grand other, the infinite, omnipotent, and sovereign Elohim. A man’s own nature tells him that this God exists, and he is held accountable for accepting or rejecting this knowledge within and about him.

Does what you believe about who you are (your origins) influence the way you live and view those around you? Do you think that if you view yourself as nothing more than an intelligent ape, kicked up slowly over millions of years from the primordial pond scum, that you might act like an ape (animal) in daily living? That this belief (that we are no more than an intelligent animal), might express itself in lawless animal behavior? (An interesting side-note is what the Nazi’s did based on this belief, but we’ll save that for later).

For years we’ve been taught that human evolution is fact and that the human evolutionary chain contains “links” of fossil skulls and fragments of bone that “prove” our progression from a supposed apelike creature several million years ago. We’ve heard accounts that “Lucy” and “Ida”, and others, are the missing links, now found, that show how this is true. We’ve watched TV documentaries like the BBC Walking with Cavemen (2003), or National Geographic’s The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey (2003), or The Mystery of Us (2005).

But what is the real evidence for human evolution? What evidence are we not hearing? Are these purported claims of presumed ape ancestry “proof” of evolution? Far from it, and what we will see as we examine the details is that anthropologists are either making man out of a monkey, or making monkeys out of men. The evidence will point to the conclusion that man is a unique creation of God, and made in His image.

Vaya con Dios mis hijas,

Dear ol’ Dad


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