Deep Time: It’s “Discovery”, Promulgation, and Use Against the Biblical Worldview: Part 2

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One of the problems with ‘deep time’ is that it cuts right into the heart of theology, and excises, in the same manner a surgeon would, the theological axioms and truths that the Judeo-Christian worldview is built upon. Deep time is an attack on Scripture at its most foundational level. It’s an attack on the nature and character of God. It’s an attack on God’s self-disclosure to us and His ability to communicate true truth. It’s an attack on the work of Christ, both on the cross and in His work of Creation. It’s an attack, a full-frontal assault, in its final analysis, on the gospel of the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost.

Ideas have consequences. The fruit of an idea is seen in the lives and actions of the people who adopt the idea. It is seen in the legislation and policies adopted in support of the idea. It is seen in the pedagogical attempts to teach and train others in the idea. In the end, all ideas either honor God or they dishonor Him. Deep time, and its millions and billions of years, dishonors God in a most egregious way. It leads away from God, not towards Him, furthering a rebellion against God and His claims on each one of us. If the objective of a Christian’s evangelistic efforts to the unsaved are to be the instrument the Holy Spirit uses to regenerate someone, the means that God pleases to use for a person to be born from above (John 3:3), then ‘deep time’ and its adoption by the Christian is a hindrance, and more than that, is in direct opposition to that effort.

So where did it start? Where did this idea come from? Can we trace its beginnings to people and places, to the minds of men searching for the truth of who they are and the nature of what is around them? Does that search include God, or does it exclude Him at the outset?

Vaya con Dios mis hijas! Remember the men and women who have died in protecting the freedoms we so enjoy this Memorial Day 2013, and pray for God’s mercy on all of us.

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Deep Time: It’s “Discovery”, Promulgation, and Use Against the Biblical Worldview: Part 1

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galaxy distant

Where did ‘deep time’ come from? Most unregenerate people would say that scientists in the course of their investigations of the natural world discovered it. They would claim that advances in science over the centuries have allowed us to peer further and further into the heavens to see distant galaxies and stars, combining that with the speed of light from these stars and extrapolate vast billions and billions of years for that starlight to reach us here on earth. The wise and intelligent Christian would analyze these claims against the Word of God however, understanding the presuppositions involved and the interpretive nuances in play for the unregenerate to come to that conclusion.

geological time scale

The unregenerate would claim that ‘deep time’ is seen in the rocks of the earth. She would claim that the stratigraphic layers, one on top of another, took millions and millions of years of slow deposition and accumulation to form as seen with present-day rates, or that canyons like the Grand Canyon were cut and formed over millions and millions of years of erosion at present-day rates to be as deep as it is. The wise and intelligent Christian would go to the Word of God however, understanding the assumptions involved and the interpretive nuances in play for the unregenerate to come to that conclusion.

tree ringsice core

The unregenerate would claim that ‘deep time’ is seen in the rings of growth from a tree and by comparing the thick rings with the thin rings, and dead trees in a forest with the living trees in a forest, a master chronology can be built to count back many, many years. She would also claim that ‘deep time’ is seen in the  annual ice layers from glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica and that by drilling these deep ice cores and counting the ‘annual’ layers scientists have determined hundreds and hundreds of thousands of layers and therefore ‘years’. The wise and intelligent Christian would again evaluate these claims against the Word of God, understanding once again the presuppositions and assumptions of the unregenerate worldview, and the interpretive nuances in play for the unregenerate to come to that conclusion.

So where did ‘deep time’ come from? How did the idea start? Was there an historical beginning in some person, or some era, that we can trace back to? Like most ideas of thought, mis hijas, the answer is yes. Like any idea of thought, we need to look at history; the history of persons and the history of the ideas originating with those persons. What we find is fascinating, but more on that in my next post.

Here’s an interesting article by Dr. Jason Lisle, Ph.D in Astrophysics, at the Institute for Creation Research, Read his article as a primer for my next post.

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Blood Cells, Blood Vessels, DNA and C-14 in Dinosaur Bones: Support for Evolution?


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What would it take for an evolutionist tied to long ages and slow and gradual non-directed blind chance to be convinced that his ‘deep time’ evolutionary paradigm is wrong? Obviously not blood cells, blood vessels, protein such as collagen, and now osteocytes, DNA and C-14  found in dinosaur bones supposedly extinct for 65 million years.

Here’s the story. For the past 15 years, Dr. Mary Schweitzer, a paleontologist, working on dinosaur bones harvested from the Hell Creek Formation in Montana has been rocking the evolutionary/uniformitarian world with discoveries of soft tissue in these bones. These discoveries have included blood cells, blood vessels, and proteins such as collagen. You may have heard or read the reports about this in a T. rex bone from Smithsonian or Discover magazines.


Her more recent research has discovered something even more incredible. Working on the same T. rex femur and a large duck-billed dinosaur called Brachylophosaurus canadensis she discovered transparent cell-like microstructures with dentritic (branching, just the shape expected for osteocytes) processes, and the molecules that comprise them from both bones. Osteocytes are the most plentiful cells in bones. She also found the globular proteins actin and tubulin which are used in the bodies of vertebrates to make filaments and tubes. Bacteria can degrade cell microstructures and proteins very rapidly. Protein adhesion to adjacent minerals ‘could’ explain their survival for thousands of years, but they cannot conceivably accommodate survival over millions and millions of years.

Even more surprising was the discovery of DNA. Schweitzer’s team detected DNA in the dinosaur bones using three independent techniques. Estimates of DNA stability put its upper limit at 125,000 years at 0’C, 17,500 years at 10’C, and 2, 500 years at 20’C. DNA is highly reactive. The bases are easily damaged. It is incredulous to think DNA could last for 65 million years.

Even further surprising was news that C-14 has been detected in dinosaur bones. If we remember, C-14 has a half-life of 5730 years. See my earlier post: Our most precise scientific instruments can’t even detect C-14 over about 18 half-lives or 103, 140 years. If dinosaurs are supposedly 65 million years old, there should be no c-14 left, so why do we still detect C-14 in these bones?

What we have to remember, mis hijas, is the mindset of unregenerate men and women to deny their Creator; to suppress that knowledge with fanciful stories of origins through non-directed blind chance, life from non-life, and man from monkeys. In an attempt to deny God’s existence and His revelation in Scripture, unregenerate men and women must replace it with something else. Evolution is that creation-myth for them. Even with the scientific evidence they are finding (blood cells, soft tissue, proteins, DNA and C-14 in dinosaur bones), the belief in the myth remains strong. Dr. Mary Schweitzer couldn’t have illustrated the Siren pull of the myth any better when she said:

It was exactly like looking at a slice of modern bone. But of course, I couldn’t believe it. I said to the lab technician: “The bones are, after all, 65 million years old. How could blood cells survive that long?”

I’ll close with a story that might be illustrative of this point. There was a certain man who believed– although he was very much alive–that he was dead. His family was very, very concerned, because the man kept insisting that he was dead. Thinking to help him the family consulted a psychologist, thinking that if only the man went and talked to a psychologist he could be convinced he was alive. The man agreed, and went to see this psychologist, telling the psychologist the same thing he told his family, that he was dead. The psychologist, thinking he would once and for all disabuse him of this notion that he was dead asked the man, “Do dead men bleed?” The man answered “No, of course not!” The psychologist then proceeded to get a pin from his desk drawer and prick the finger of the man, whereby blood freely flowed from the prick. The man looked at his finger, looked at the psychologist,  and exclaimed “Wow, I guess dead men do bleed.”

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We Have the fossils. We win!

We have the fossils. We win.

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I was driving around town recently and saw this bumper sticker on the back of a car. It said, “We have the fossils. We win.”, with a fish symbol with legs and feet.

If we analyze this, what do you think this person was trying to say? It obviously has something to say about the creation-evolution debate, doesn’t it? It obviously implies that evolutionists think the fossils support their evolutionary position. It also implies that because evolutionists think the fossils support their position, they’ve won in some sort of contest, or duel, or battle; that fossils prove their side is correct. Do they own the fossils though? Or is it their interpretation of the fossils that the slogan is referring to?

fish fossil

So, what are fossils anyway, and what do they prove? Fossils are dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water scattered all over the earth. We’ve unearthed millions of them, from plants and flowers, to starfish, insects, and dinosaurs. We find them throughout the stratigraphic column. 95% of the fossils unearthed are marine invertebrates, <5% are plants, including trees and algae, with less than 1% vertebrates of all kinds. Is the claim that fossils document the evolutionary “descent from a common ancestor”, a “simple to complex” history,  true?

It depends upon your worldview interpretation, doesn’t it? We’re finding and unearthing once living things, now dead, in rock layers all over the earth. How they died, and how they were buried in these rock layers are all a matter of interpretation dependent upon one’s worldview. If you start with no God and with unregenerate man’s grand assumption that he can reach out and reason his way to truth by himself, then fossils fit within that paradigm, and are used as proof of his creation-myth: evolution. But to leave God out of the picture at one’s starting point is absurd. We’ve seen that every man has a sense of deity within him that he is held accountable to (Rom. 1:19).

However, if one starts with God and His revelation of Himself and His created universe, ourselves and our fallen condition, in Scripture, we come across a very different scenario, don’t we? We discover a real-time historical Fall into sin and a global and universal judgment of God in the Flood of Noah. It is this global Flood that gives primary explanation of the fossils we find buried in rock layers all over the earth. It is God’s revelation of what He did and His reasons for doing it that we must consider:

Then God said to Noah, “The end of all flesh has come before Me; for the earth is filled with violence because of them; and behold, I am about to destroy them with the earth (Gen. 6:13).

And all flesh that moved on the earth perished, birds and cattle and beasts and every swarming thing that swarms upon the earth, and all mankind; of all that was on the dry land, all in whose nostrils was the breath of the spirit of life, died (Gen. 7:21-22).

Thus He blotted out every living thing that was upon the face of the land, from man to animals to creeping things and to birds of the sky, and they were blotted out from the earth; and only Noah was left, together with those that were with him in the Ark (Gen. 7:23).

Noah's Ark

The fossils themselves don’t prove anything except that something once living is now dead. It’s how one interprets the fossils that is key. Even the supposed “transition fossils” that evolution requires are systematically missing.   The overwhelming message of the fossil record is one of stasis, not evolutionary change, as well as a great deal of violence at the time of their death and burial. The fossils are better evidence for a catastrophic and destructive globe covering Flood as recorded in Scripture than the “We have the fossils-We win” bumper sticker and slogan would imply.

For further reading and interest please see:

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Frauds in the Rise of the Apemen: Nebraska Man

London Times Nebraska Man

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Have you ever heard of ‘Nebraska Man’? He was supposedly the first anthropoid fossil found in North America and claimed to be one of our ancestors on the human evolutionary chain of development. Nebraska Man was a distinct part of the discussion in the struggle for control of education policy in America and even though it was not used as evidence at the famous Scopes Trial in 1925 it was there in the background and was used before the trial as an effective tool in the campaign to promote evolution and to undermine William Jennings Bryan, the prosecution attorney at the trial and opponent of evolution.

Newspaper Nebraska Man

Here’s the story. In 1917, a rancher and occasional paleontologist named Harold Cook, found a small, well-worn tooth in sedimentary layers in the Northwestern part of Nebraska. The sedimentary layers in which the tooth was found were thought to be of the Pliocene epoch–a period in the geological timescale supposedly 5.3 to 2.6 million years before the present. These layers were recently reclassified to the Miocene epoch–the layer just underneath the Pliocene and even older. In 1922, some five years after Cook found the fossil tooth, he submitted it to the noted vertebrate paleontologist Henry Fairfield Osborn for classification. Within a month of receipt, Osborn declared the tooth to look 100% anthropoid and announced it to the greater American public as the first American anthropoid ape. He gave it the impressive name Hesperopithecus haroldcookii (after the finder Harold Cook). All this from just a tooth, mind you.

Nebraska Man tooth

Osborn was a enthusiastic promoter of the tooth in the ensuing years after 1922 and before the Scopes Trial in 1925, (himself initially called as a witness at the trial but never taking the stand) making casts of the tooth and sending them to 26 institutions across America and Europe. In the few months before the Scopes Trial, Osborn was using the tooth to leave an impression in people’s minds that evolutionary scientists were certain the tooth was from an ape-man. His colleague, William King Gregory, in examining the tooth had initially written that it combines characteristics of chimpanzee, Pithecanthropus, —and man, but Osborn plunged ahead anyway. Gregory then revised his conclusion stating that the tooth was more structurally like that of a chimpanzee or gorilla. Later, after continuing fieldwork in the soil of Nebraska, he changed track again, and wrote that the tooth was that of a peccary, a type of pig, but this wasn’t written up until 1927, two years after the Scopes Trial had ended.

Osborn Nebraska Man

In the end, a tooth promoted by Osborn as that of an ancient anthropoid or ape-man and used in the promotion of evolution,  turned out to be that of a pig. It’s another example of the lengths to which unregenerate man, denying the Creator-creature distinction, will go to explain his origins apart from God. Spurning the revelation of God in Scripture, unregenerate man concocts all manner of fanciful stories, including that of trying to use the tooth of a pig in a fairy-tale ape-man connection. Using questionable evidence, he attempts to justify his rebellion against God, and take God out of the picture. For, no God = no responsibility to a higher authority + man can do as he pleases.

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