Deep Time: It’s “Discovery”, Promulgation, and Use Against the Biblical Worldview: Part 2

Dear hijas,

One of the problems with ‘deep time’ is that it cuts right into the heart of theology, and excises, in the same manner a surgeon would, the theological axioms and truths that the Judeo-Christian worldview is built upon. Deep time is an attack on Scripture at its most foundational level. It’s an attack on the nature and character of God. It’s an attack on God’s self-disclosure to us and His ability to communicate true truth. It’s an attack on the work of Christ, both on the cross and in His work of Creation. It’s an attack, a full-frontal assault, in its final analysis, on the gospel of the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost.

Ideas have consequences. The fruit of an idea is seen in the lives and actions of the people who adopt the idea. It is seen in the legislation and policies adopted in support of the idea. It is seen in the pedagogical attempts to teach and train others in the idea. In the end, all ideas either honor God or they dishonor Him. Deep time, and its millions and billions of years, dishonors God in a most egregious way. It leads away from God, not towards Him, furthering a rebellion against God and His claims on each one of us. If the objective of a Christian’s evangelistic efforts to the unsaved are to be the instrument the Holy Spirit uses to regenerate someone, the means that God pleases to use for a person to be born from above (John 3:3), then ‘deep time’ and its adoption by the Christian is a hindrance, and more than that, is in direct opposition to that effort.

So where did it start? Where did this idea come from? Can we trace its beginnings to people and places, to the minds of men searching for the truth of who they are and the nature of what is around them? Does that search include God, or does it exclude Him at the outset?

Vaya con Dios mis hijas! Remember the men and women who have died in protecting the freedoms we so enjoy this Memorial Day 2013, and pray for God’s mercy on all of us.

Dear ol’ Dad


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