Writer’s Block

Dearest hijas,

stickman confused

For several weeks now I’ve been stymied on what to write that would be meaningful and insightful and a tool for learning and further investigation on your part.  This God-given life, this blessing to be called sons and daughters of God, this birth from above and granted us to live on earth here below fills me with wonder and gratitude every day He allows me to draw breath. It should fill you with the same wonder and gratitude (and I know it does) as well.

For you my beloved, and for any readers who by Providence have stumbled across these pages, what are you questioning? What are you seeing raised up against the knowledge of God in conversations and dialogue with friends and co-workers? What is a sticking point in your knowledge of Scripture and what you read therein?

As always, with love, I remain,

Dear ol’ Dad

Vaya con Dios mis hijas


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