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Blindness to Worldviews

Dear hijas,

In picking back up in my review of Dr. John K. Reed’s book “Rocks Aren’t Clocks: A Critique of the Geologic Timescale”, I love these particular quotes from Chapter 6 titled ‘Unreliable Clocks’:

At its core, the geologic timescale is a weapon that secularism has used to good effect against Christianity.

Or this:

Furthermore, if the various clocks used by stratigraphers all worked as claimed, then they would all agree. It is clear that they do not. Different radiometric methods yield different ages. Dates of rocks of known ages are incorrect. Paleontologists discard radiometric dates that contradict fossil assemblages. And no one thinks that these disagreements pose serious problems, they just ‘know’ that the template is correct.

Or how about this one:

Most of the public thinks that radiometric dating is the one infallible clock. But scientists recognize that is not true and so they rely instead on combinations of fallible, malleable methods. Then they argue that the timescale is more certain because of independent overlapping lines of evidence. But do they overlap each other like shingles, forming an impenetrable seal, or like a house of cards? This need of many clocks tells us an important truth; there is not one single infallible chronometer. Would you rather have one watch that kept time or a dozen that didn’t?


…professional stratigraphers have known all along that the real ‘clock’ is biological evolution. Rocks are ordered by fossils and fossils by their evolutionary stage. This is why geologists share the panic of biologists when evolution is attacked. The credibility of the timescale is linked to that of evolution. If evolution falters, the timescale does too.

And then this classic from Chapter 4:

Christians can no longer remain blind to the worldview behind the timescale.

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Dear ol’ Dad

Vaya con Dios mis hijas


Evolution and Millions and Billions of Years: A three-stranded braid

1 Darwin's Tree of Life

Dear hijas,

We must remember in our discussions here, that Darwinian evolution and millions of years go together. Evolution, as it is defined today, would not be possible without the vast ages of time for slow and gradual step-by-step modification from one species to the next through many, many transitions; all happening by non-directed blind chance through death and struggle.

Evolution and an old earth, or the necessity for an old earth, are two sides of the same coin. The biological side of the coin representing the millions and millions of year of biodiversity of life, and the geological side of the coin representing millions and millions, in fact ‘billions’, of years of earth development in the rocks.

But we cannot forget the cosmological side of things, can we?. Think of a braid. When hair or rope is braided, it is common to take three sections and weave them together into one, isn’t it? This is exactly the picture we must think of when talking about evolution; a three-stranded braid or cord. One section of the braid is the cosmological side with it’s billions of years of star and planet formation, another section is the geological side with its billions of years of strata development in the rocks of the earth, the last section is the biological side with its millions of years of plant and animal development from lower to higher forms through mutation and natural selection, death and struggle.

3-ply braided rope

So it is with an old universe (billions of years), an old earth (billions of years), and evolution (millions of years). Evolution needs an old earth. An old earth needs an old universe. They are inseparably linked. We must not forget this. If it turns out that the universe and earth are relatively young (thousands not billions of years), evolution as it is currently defined, would not be possible, and would fall dead on arrival; it would not have even been proferred let alone gained any traction in the minds of men.

Whether speaking with a non-Christian, (or Christian who has accepted the claims of evolution; theistic evolutionist), we must remember the implicit acceptance of the millions and billions of years associated with an old universe and old earth behind the actual claims of the biological development of life on earth. It is critical that we not forget this. The evolutionary system of thought should always be thought of as a three-stranded braid or cord; cosmological, geological, and biological.

Thus, in what is to follow in future posts, we will be dealing with not only the biological side of evolution, but its cosmological and geological sides as well.

Vaya con Dios mis hijas,

Dear ol’ Dad